What is ACP Face Mix?

Abbotsford Concrete Products exclusive ACP Face Mix, two layer, unified manufacturing process will ensure that your next residential or commercial project will maintain its texture, a more intense color and a superior abrasion resistant wearing surface than out-dated manufacturing processes.  Abbotsford Concrete Products has been an innovator and developer of Face Mix technology for more than 25 years and continues to be at the forefront of this technology in North America.

Why Insist on ACP Face Mix?

  • Fine graded hard granite sands and a high cement content create a more durable surface
  • High pigment concentration ensures long lasting aesthetics
  • Achieve beautiful color blends not possible with traditional methods

Without ACP Face Mix, coarse aggregates on the surface become worn quickly, within as little as a couple of years, exposing the natural colors of the aggregates below. This exposure gives the appearance of a faded, worn-out paver.

Insisting on ACP Face Mix for your next paver project will help ensure lasting beauty and protect your investment for many decades to come.